Ziliak quoted by CNN on food insecurity trends in U.S.

UKCPR Director James Ziliak is quoted in a new CNN article that examines food insecurity trends in the U.S. The CNN report notes that food insecurity among families with children declined in 2021 following a spike in 2020 during the pandemic. CNN cites a U.S. Department of Agriculture report from the Economic Research Service showing that food insecurity declined from 7.6 percent among families with children in 2020 to 6.3 percent in 2021. The USDA report also shows that food insecurity among the elderly and women living alone increased during the same period. Experts cite child credits distributed to families through the American Rescue Plan Act as a reason for the decline in food insecurity among families. This is still a concern for elderly citizens, especially those living alone, because Social Security benefits did not keep pace with increases in the cost of food and other household items, according to Ziliak. Read the entire CNN article.