Poverty: Nation


The Role of CPS Nonresponse on the Level and Trend in Poverty

Author(s): Charles Hokayem , Christopher Bollinger , James P. Ziliak



On Persistent Poverty in a Rich Country

Author(s): T.M. Tonmoy Islam , Jenny Minier , James P. Ziliak

Two Can Live as Cheaply as One...But Three’s a Crowd

Author(s): Christopher R. Bollinger , Cheti Nicoletti , Stephen Pudney


Disciplining the Poor: Neoliberal Paternalism and the Persistent Power of Race

Author(s): Fording, R., J. Soss, and S. Schram

Earnings Volatility in America: Evidence from Matched CPS

Author(s): James P. Ziliak , Bradley Hardy , Christopher Bollinger

Familial Influences on Poverty Among Young Children in Black Immigrant, U.S.-born Black, and Nonblack Immigrant Families

Author(s): Thomas, K.

Livelihood Practices in the Shadow of Welfare Reform

Author(s): Tickamyer, A., and D. Henderson

Race and the Local Politics of Punishment in the New World of Welfare

Author(s): Fording, R., J. Soss, and S. Schram


Child Welfare Legislation and Policies: Foster Children with a Parent in Prison

Author(s): Beckerman, A.

Earnings and Income Volatility in America: Evidence from Matched CPS

Author(s): James P. Ziliak , Bradley Hardy , Christopher Bollinger

Race and Ethnic Differences in College Achievement: Does High School Attended Matter?

Author(s): Fletcher, J. and M. Tienda


Deciding to Discipline: Race, Choice, and Punishment at the Frontlines of Welfare Reform

Author(s): Schram, S., J. Soss, R. Fording, and L. Houser

High School Classmates and College Success

Author(s): Fletcher, J. and M. Tienda

How Have Expansions in the Earned Income Tax Credit Affected Family Expenditures?

Author(s): Gao, Q., N. Kausha, and J. Waldfogel

Maternal Labor Supply and the Introduction of Kindergartens into American Public Schools

Author(s): Cascio, E.

Out of Reach: Place, Poverty, and the New American Welfare State

Author(s): Allard, S.

Psychosocial Work Environment and Depressive Symptoms among U.S. Workers: Comparing Working Poor and Working Non-Poor

Author(s): Simmons, L. and J. Swanberg

The Earnings Losses of Injured Men: Reported and Unreported Injuries

Author(s): Woock, C.

The Effects of Vehicle Ownership on Employment

Author(s): Baum, C.

Welfare Reform and its Long-Term Consequences for America’s Poor

Author(s): Ziliak, J., ed.

Welfare Reform and the Level and Composition of Income

Author(s): Bollinger, C., L. Gonzalez, and J. Ziliak


Does Residential Location Matter to the Employment of TANF Recipients? Evidence from a Dynamic Discrete Choice Model with Unobserved Effects

Author(s): Gurmu, S., K. Ihlanfeldt, and W. Smith

In-Home Family Therapy as a Prevention of Foster Care Placement: Clients’ Opinions about Therapeutic Services

Author(s): McWey, L. M.

Labor Market Consequences of State Mental Health Parity Mandates

Author(s): Cseh, A.

Maternal Sensitivity and Communication Styles: Mothers with Depression

Author(s): Hwa-Froelich, D., C. Cook, and L. Flick

Place, Race, and Access to the Safety Net

Author(s): Allard, S.

Poverty Catchments: Migration, Residential Mobility, and Population Turnover in Impoverished Rural Illinois Communities

Author(s): Foulkes, M. and K. B. Newbold

Poverty, Justice, and Western Political Thought

Author(s): Vaughn, S.

Quality Jobs in the New Millennium: Incorporating Flexible Work Options as a Strategy to Assist Working Families

Author(s): Swanberg, J. and L. A. Simmons

The Color of Devolution: Race, Federalism, and the Politics of Social Control

Author(s): Soss, J., R. Fording, and S. Schram

The Intersection of Poverty Discourses: Race, Class, Culture, and Gender

Author(s): Henderson, D. and A. Tickamyer

Welfare reform and juvenile arrests

Author(s): Tami Gurley-Calvez , Bethany Widick


Does Welfare Reform Work in Rural America? A 7-Year Follow-up

Author(s): Debra Henderson , Ann Tickamyer , Barry Tadlock

State Government Cash and In-Kind Benefits: Intergovernmental Fiscal Transfers and Cross-Program Substitution

Author(s): Marton, J. and D. Wildasin