Discussion Papers


The effect of SNAP and the broader Safety Net on mental health and food insecurity

|Author(s): Lucie Schmidt, Lara Shore-Sheppard, and Tara Watson

Do Walmart supercenters improve food security?

|Author(s): Charles Courtemanche, Art Carden, Zilin Zhou, Murugi Ndirangu


Income inequality and the labour market in Britain and the US

|Author(s): Richard Blundell , Robert Joyce , Agnes Norris Keiller , James P. Ziliak

The Real Value of SNAP Benefits and Health Outcomes

|Author(s): Hilary Hoynes , Erin Bronchetti , Garret Christensen

Impact of food insecurity and SNAP participation on healthcare utilization and expenditures

|Author(s): Seth A. Berkowitz , Hilary K. Seligman , Sanjay Basu


The Effects of Benefit Timing and Income Fungibility on Food Purchasing Decisions among SNAP Households

|Author(s): Joshua P. Berning , Gregory Colson , Jeffery H. Dorfman , Travis A. Smith , Xiaosi Yang

The Influence of SNAP Participation and Food Environment on Nutritional Quality of Food at Home Purchases

|Author(s): Amy Hillier , Benjamin Chrisinger , Tony E. Smith , Eliza Whiteman , Michael Kallan

Do SNAP Recipients Get the Best Prices?

|Author(s): Conrad Lyford , Raymond J. March , Carlos E. Carpio , Tullaya Boonsaeng

Cost of living, healthy food acquisition, and the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program

|Author(s): Sanjay Basu , Christopher Wimer , Hilary Seligman

Variation in Food Prices and SNAP Adequacy for Purchasing the Thrifty Food Plan

|Author(s): Erin Bronchetti , Garret Christensen , Benjamin Hansen

Welfare Reform and the Intergenerational Transmission of Dependence

|Author(s): Robert Paul Hartley , Carlos Lamarche , James P. Ziliak


Trouble in the Tails? What We Know about Earnings Nonresponse Thirty Years after Lillard, Smith, and Welch

|Author(s): Christopher R. Bollinger , Barry T. Hirsch , Charles M. Hokayem , James P. Ziliak

Temporary Assistance for Needy Families

|Author(s): James P. Ziliak


New Evidence on Why Children's Food Security Varies Across Households with Similar Incomes

|Author(s): Diane Whitmore Schanzenbach , Patricia M. Anderson , Kristin F. Butcher , Hilary W. Hoynes

Effects of Maternal Depression on Family Food Insecurity

|Author(s): Kelly Noonan , Hope Corman , Nancy E. Reichman

Beyond Income: What Else Predicts Very Low Food Security among Children?

|Author(s): Patricia M. Anderson , Kristin F. Butcher , Hilary W. Hoynes , Diane Whitmore Schanzenbach

The Role of CPS Nonresponse on the Level and Trend in Poverty

|Author(s): Charles Hokayem , Christopher Bollinger , James P. Ziliak

SNAP and Food Consumption

|Author(s): Hilary W. Hoynes , Leslie McGranahan , Diane W. Schanzenbach

Family Structure and Child Food Insecurity

|Author(s): Daniel P. Miller , Lenna Nepomnyaschy , Gabriel Lara-Ibarra , Steven Garasky


The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program and Food Insecurity

|Author(s): Christian Gregory , Matthew Rabbitt , David Ribar

SNAP and the School Meal Programs

|Author(s): Judith Bartfeld

The Effect of SNAP on Poverty

|Author(s): Laura Tiehen , Dean Jolliffe , Timothy Smeeding

Food Insecurity During Childhood: Understanding Persistence and Change Using Linked Current Population Survey Data

|Author(s): Sheela Kennedy , Catherine Fitch , John Robert Warren , Julia Rivera Drew

SNAP and Obesity

|Author(s): Craig Gundersen