Research Program on Childhood Hunger

Food security is fundamental to health and well-being, and success in reducing or eliminating childhood hunger requires clearer and more complete understanding of why children are hungry in the United States. In 2012, over 20 percent of children lived in households facing food insecurity, and over 1 in 9 children were food insecure themselves.  For children, even a modest compromise in food security may impair physical, intellectual and social development.

UKCPR's Research Program on Childhood Hunger, with funding from the Food and Nutrition Service in the U.S. Department of Agriculture, competitively awarded grants in 2011-2013 to qualified individuals and institutions to provide rigorous research that expands our understanding of hunger among children in the United States and the attendant policy implications.

For a brief overview of the Research Program on Childhood Hunger's priority research areas, grant recipients, and a preview of initial results, please consult the April 2013 Briefing Booklet.