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The University of Kentucky Center for Poverty Research is pleased to announce the awarding of 13 grants totaling $2,449,997 to provide rigorous research that expands our understanding of hunger among children in the United States.  Funding for the Research Program on Childhood Hunger is generously provided by a grant from the Food and Nutrition Service of the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Topics and recipients are as follows:

            Large Grants

Food Hardship in the Low Income Population:  Child-Focused Evidence from the Three City Study
                                    Robert Moffitt, Johns Hopkins University
                                    David Ribar, University of North Carolina at Greensboro
The Dynamics of Food Insecurity and Effective Coping Strategies for Households at Risk of Childhood Hunger
                                    Gregory Mills, Urban Institute
                                    Karla Hanson, Cornell University
Understanding Very Low Food Security among Children in the U.S. 
                                    Neeraj Kaushal, Columbia University
                                    Irv Garfinkel, Columbia University
                                    Jane Waldfogel, Columbia University
                                    Vanessa Wight, Columbia University
How can communities and households protect children from very low food security?
                                    Sonya Jones, University of South Carolina
Nonresident Fathers’ Involvement and Welfare Policies: Impacts on Childhood Hunger 
                                    Steven Garasky, IMPAQ International
                                    Daniel Miller, Boston University
                                    Lenna Nepomnyaschy, Rutgers University
Small Grants

Family Structure and Time Allocation: Mechanisms of Food Insecurity among Children
                                    Kelly Balistreri, Bowling Green State University
Food Insecurity Across the First Five Years: Triggers of Onset and Exit
                                    Alison Jacknowitz, American University
                                    Taryn Morrissey, American University
Does Economic Decline Contribute to a Decline in Children's Food Security

                                    Bradford Mills, Virginia Tech University
                                    George Davis, Virginia Tech University

The Effect of Safety Net Programs on Food Insecurity

                                    Lucie Schmidt, Williams College
                                    Lara Shore Sheppard, Williams College          
                                    Tara Watson, Williams College
Identifying the Effects of WIC on Very Low Food Security
                                    Brent Kreider, Iowa State University
                                    John Pepper, University of Virginia
Availability and Accessibility of Emergency Food Assistance and Food Insecurity among American Children
                                    Qi (Harry) Zhang, Old Dominion University
The Child and Adult Care Food Program and Food Insecurity
                                    Colleen Heflin, University of Missouri
                                    Irma Arteaga, University of Missouri
                                    Sara Gable, University of Missouri
The Impact of Incarceration on the Food Security of Children
                                    Sally Wallace, Georgia State University
                                    Robynn Cox, Spelman College

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