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The University of Kentucky Center for Poverty Research is pleased to announce the awarding of 12 grants totaling $1.6 million dollars to provide rigorous research that expands our understanding of hunger among children in the United States.  Funding for the Research Program on Childhood Hunger is generously provided by a grant from the Food and Nutrition Service of the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Topics and recipients are as follows:

            Large Grants

Understanding the Interdependencies among Three Types of Coping Strategies Used by Very Low Food Secure Households with Children
                                    Andrea Anater, RTI International
Understanding Very Low Food Security and Other Food Hardships Among Households with Children
                                   Judith Bartfeld, University of Wisconsin
                                   Michael Collins, University of Wisconsin

Childhood Stress: A Qualitative Analysis of the Intergenerational Circumstances of Child Hunger
                                   Mariana Chilton, Drexel University
                                   Amanda Breen, Drexel University
                                   Jenny Rabinowich, Drexel University
Neighborhood Food Infrastructure, Economic Shocks, and Very Low Food Security Among Children
                                   Luke Shaefer, University of Michigan
                                   Scott Allard, University of Chicago

Connecting Saving and Food Security: Evidence from an Asset Building Program for Families in Poverty
                                   Anastasia Snyder, Ohio State University
New Evidence on Why Children's Food Security Varies Across Households with Similar Incomes
                                   Diane Whitmore Schanzenbach, Northwestern University
                                   Patricia Anderson, Dartmouth College
                                   Kristin Butcher, Wellesley College
                                   Hilary Hoynes, UC Berkeley

Understanding Very Low Food Security among Children of Mexican-Origin: The Circumstances and Coping Strategies of Mexican-Origin Families in Texas Border Colonias
                                   Joseph Sharkey, Texas A&M University

            Small Grants

Risk and Protective Factors Associated with Prevalence of VLFS in Children among Children of Foreign-Born Mothers
                                   John Cook, Children's HealthWatch
Financial Services and Food Insecurity among Households with Children
                                   Katie Fitzpatrick, Seattle University

The Effect of Household Financial, Time and Environmental Constraints on Very Low Food Security among Children
                                   Helen Jensen, Iowa State University
                                   Oleksandr, Zhylyevsky, Iowa State University          
Food Insecurity During Childhood: Understanding Persistence and Change Using Linked Current Population Survey Data
                                   Sheela Kennedy, University of Minnesota
                                   Catherine Fitch, University of Minnesota
                                   John Robert Warren, University of Minnesota

The Influence of Parental Aspirations, Attitudes, and Engagement on Children's Very Low Food Security
                                   Elizabeth Powers, University of Illinois

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